WELL-certified buildings support people's well-being

Finland's first Platinum level certificate for a property has been awarded for Swing House

The Swing House office building in Espoo's Keilaniemi has received the highest quality rating of the WELL certificate, i.e. the Platinum level. The WELL certification is an international construction quality classification that measures and monitors the well-being produced by the building for employees. Swing House is owned by Keskinäinen Työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Elo, and Newsec is responsible for managing the property and leasing the office spaces.

In hybrid work, the office environment has to meet the needs and wishes of the users from several starting points. The facilities must serve their users functionally as well as comfortably. A WELL-certified property must meet, among other things, measurement goals for natural light, air quality, movement, materials and acoustics.

- You can feel the balanced and refreshing atmosphere of Swing House as soon as you enter , because the comfort of the premises has really been invested in, for example, with lighting that supports the natural circadian rhythm, green plants and works of art, says Merja Rikkonen from Newsec, who is in charge of leasing the office premises.

In accordance with the WELL standard, areas that affect well-being are evaluated and monitored with a hundred metrics, which include, for example, sound, light, temperature, materials, community, mind, air, food and movement. The Platinum level certificate requires consideration of various conditions already in the design phase of the building.

- Swing House is an exceptionally fine entity, where especially the perspective of social responsibility has been comprehensively taken into account. Since we spend the majority of our time in buildings, the relevance of real estate from the point of view of responsibility is highlighted. Swing House's WELL Platinum level certification is an example of the property owner's long-term and goal-oriented work to develop sustainability, says Silja Nopanen, responsible for Newsec's Sustainability Services.

The WELL certification complements the established environmental classifications LEED, BREEAM and RTS, which provide guidelines for the design of ecological and energy-efficient buildings. The Swing House, which has been in use for a year, also has many technical solutions that ensure the quality of indoor conditions and the building's energy efficiency.

For more information, please contact:

Silja Nopanen
Director, Sustainability Services
+358 50 465 5789