ISO quality certificate and ISO environmental certificate granted to Newsec Property Asset Management Finland Oy


As proof of the systematic development of business operations and the production of high-quality expert services, Newsec has been awarded the ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management certificates. This is proof that our operations meet the required quality and environmental criteria with which we produce our services and meet our customers' requirements. The certificates cover all of company's operations in Finland.

With quality and environmental system standards, the company ensures the quality, accuracy and coordination of work and guarantees the transparency and clarity of business processes. They also encourage continuous improvement of operations, cost reduction and sales growth.

"The management systems defined in the standards have been a red thread for our operations for a long time. For example, we have developed the company's strategy, set goals and monitored results in all teams and with the entire staff. In this way, the wishes of our customers, the needs related to operational development and personnel have been answered effectively. Our sustainability management has also been carried out in accordance with the principles of the environmental management system standard even before the certification project", says Anna-Liisa Sarasoja, Managing Director, Newsec Property Asset Management Finland Oy.

Evaluation of operations and response to feedback are part of systematic development work. Annual external audits, done by DNV (Det Norske Veritas), are now part of evaluations in addition to the systematic and vast internal audits. In addition, feedback is collected also through deviation and development proposal reporting. Through the feedback, the company receives valuable information about the needs of operational development.

"We have described our way of working in processes, where the responsibilities are precisely defined. Our practices were already good in the past, and now it has been ensured that the entire company will operate according to the same principles in the future. In accordance with the principle of continuous improvement, we are now striving to improve these processes and ensure their optimal functionality and most sustainable outcome", comments Anna Aaltonen, Director, Sustainability & Quality, responsible for project implementation and system maintenance.


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